We’re Not Robots: Personality Driven Company Twitters

Companies who have taken to Twitter have come to realize that honesty and having a personality are important to creating a following on the social site.

There are a number of companies that do this well but here are three that let their personality shine through their Tweets.Charmin is a company that has created a following due to their bathroom related humor. 

Creating content about toilet paper can be hard, so they have made a conscious decision to have fun with Twitter. So they talk about poop. A lot.

They use the hashtag #tweetfromtheseat to make jokes from everything to making company decisions on the toilet to celebrating their first No. 2 of the year.

They’ve also use Twitter to parody Game of Thrones, viral videos and teamed up with NASCAR for their Stop Skidmarks campaign.

Taco Bell is another company that uses humor and responding to tweets as a way to create goodwill on social media.

The mexican fast food restaurant uses Twitter to promote their personality of having fun on the social medium. They interact with celebrities and news organizations, as well as putting their followers on viral hunts to try new products.

They have followed Beyonce’s advice and put a ring on eight female celebrities who have expressed their affection for the fast food restaurant on Twitter.

Taco Bell highlights their followers comments by retweeting them. They also don’t shy away from negative tweets. Taco Bell retweets negative comments and responds to them.

ImageChipotle is a company that doesn’t use snark but uses honesty as a way to promote their Twitter. Chipotle uses a three person team that responds to tweets from fans and customers.

These tweets range from compliments, complaints and inquiries from their followers. 

“Chipotle embraces a one-on-one engagement model for its social media platforms…Likewise, about 90% of the company’s activity on Twitter is responding to customers through @-mentions. ‘We love to have conversations,’ says Joe Stupp, Chipotle’s new media manager” (Mashable).

This article is from 2012 says that 90% of their tweets are made up of responding to comments but upon looking at Chipotle’s Twitter feed, it is closer to 100% of their tweets are having a conversation.

They try to give their Twitter feed an even more personal touch by including the name of person who is tweeting. 

“Chipotle’s team does use a social media management tool, but Stupp says most of the customer information recounted is actually from memory. When chatting so often with certain customers, the team gets to know them on a personal level,” (Mashable).

Caring about the conversations and general sentiment is what Chipotle cares about rather than retweets and likes. This shows how much the personal connection can have on not just metrics but also the way that a company manages their social media accounts.




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