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Super Memory Bros was created for a grad class. As a result, this blog combines two of my strongest interests: video games and finishing grad school.

Writing game criticism for an audience that doesn’t read

My first post gave an overview of how the medium of games push for favored criteria used in gaming criticism. Looking back, I didn’t touch on how gaming criticism function specifically on the web as opposed to in magazines or print mediums. In fact, the analysis of mostly prose features would be useful for writing for gaming magazines if those were, like, still a thing. Continue reading


Game Journalism Hurts Gaming Criticism

Even as a gamer, I have mixed feelings about the phrase “game journalism.” This is a term that a lot of professional (read: lucrative) gaming blogs try to push for.  I don’t disagree that video games, an increasingly popular and profitable entertainment medium, are deserving of serious attention. However, trends in the writing produced by gaming journalists are a mish-mash of industry trends, business reporting, and press releases. Content often focuses on the culture surrounding the development of games and is, at times, oddly divorced from actual criticism.

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