Celebrity Backstage Personas on Twitter: Performance Art or Artifice?

On June 4, 2013, Justin Bieber made Twitter history by becoming the first person to accrue 40 million followers on Twitter.  Like or dislike Bieber’s brand, his milestone is actually the envy and goal of the celebrity Twitterverse, and due largely in part to his construction of his backstage persona on Twitter . Continue reading


Celebritweet: Micro-celebrity on Twitter

Social media networking sites have reframed the celebrity and its surrounding culture. In the past, celebrities heavily relied on a management team of publicists and handlers to maintain their celebrity status and negotiate endorsements.  Today, celebrities are increasingly taking self promotion into their own hands by using social media networking sites such as Twitter to manage their fan base and careers. But having a ‘celebrity’ status doesn’t guarantee success on Twitter. In fact, knowledge, strategy and mastery of building and maintaining a ‘micro-celebrity’ are essential for a celebrity be successful on Twitter.  Although having a celebrity status firmly in place is fundamental, those looking to build a micro-celebrity on Twitter can learn from the strategies and techniques used by celebrities.

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