Unison in the Language of EDM Blogs

Like most media today, music is categorized into genres. Different music blogs appear on the Internet because people have varying tastes in music. How people develop these tastes can be found in an article from Cracked.com, and what they say about you is shown in a fun article from the Tastebuds blog. As I said in my last post, depending on what kind of music they like, people might visit Popcrush for pop, The BoomBox for hip-hop, or RageTracks for EDM. Focusing on EDM, I noticed that the writing is different than in other blogs. Not only is the vocabulary different (i.e. PLUR, kandi, rage, etc.), the tone of the overall blogs is more laid back and fun. Yes, EDM is a carefree kind of genre and lifestyle, but what makes it this way?

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