How Do the Top Nonprofits Use Social Media?

Education. Information. Trust.

Some of the most successful nonprofit organizations place tremendous value in these three concepts when implementing their social media strategy. In a detailed analysis of Facebook and Twitter postings of four of the top nonprofit organizations (NPOs) on social media, I found that the organizations’ writing styles and shared content all focused on educating and informing followers while trusting both their intelligence and ability to act on behalf of the organization or their cause.

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What Does Your Favorite Music Blog Say About You?

Countless music blogs are up and running in cyberspace, and each one is just a little bit different than the other. There are lots of factors that play into why people read the certain blogs that they do, one of them (and perhaps the most obvious) being the kind of music they like. Mainstream music fans might turn to sites such as AOL or MTV, whereas people who like specific types of music, such as pop, rap/r&b/hip-hop, or EDM (electronic dance music) might visit Popcrush, The BoomBox, or RageTracks. But what is it about these different blogs that makes us want to read them?

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